New Advanced Email Editor

New Feature 7 months ago

Introducing Our New Advanced Email Editor

Today you can harness the power to design intuitive, modern, and slick email templates with Automizy’s Advanced Email Editor.

It’s easier than ever to design beautiful emails, drag & drop elements, and for the very first time insert videos into your email campaigns. [READ GUIDE]

We're excited to announce that now you can invite users manually in Automizy.

Now you have the options to whether to invite your colleagues via email or manually add them as users in your Automizy account.

Learn more about how to invite colleagues here.

We're excited to announce that Automizy's Anniversary Trigger is here!

Automizy’s anniversary trigger helps to trigger your automation every year on specific dates such as:

  • First purchase.
  • Customer birthday.
  • Wedding anniversary, etc.

Read this guide to learn how to set up an anniversary trigger in your automation.


Integromat integration: Connect Automizy with the apps you like and already use

Now Automizy users can easily integrate with Integromat. You can use the integration to connect Automizy to your other apps and automate your workflows.

To learn how to integrate with Integromat, read this guide here.

Agiled integration is here!

Automizy provides you with a Agiled integration to help you easily manage your business in one place.

Agile integration allows you to sync contacts' data between your Agiled and Automizy account.

Read this guide to learn how to connect Agiled to Automizy.

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