New automation blueprint: Cart abandonment for Shopify

Improvement 3 months ago

This brand new blueprint helps you send cart abandonment emails to Shopify customers who abandon their carts.

Cart reminder is the simplest abandoned cart email. Get the exact product left behind back into your would-be customer’s mind. To do that, install this blueprint, send cart reminder emails– set up waiting periods between emails– and keep it short and specific.

The blueprint comes with 3 emails with prewritten copies. Change the logo, replace [THE PLACEHOLDERS], make sure all the links point to the right pages, and edit the content in the footer with your company info.

Now let's win back those abandoners!

Duplicate your forms with 1 click

Improvement 3 months ago

From now on you can copy your forms so you can reuse your most performing lead generation tool with one click.


  1. Go to Forms
  2. Click on the arrow next to the button on the form you want to duplicate
  3. Click DUPLICATE

And you will see that your form is copied.

Count-down timers for drag&drop emails arrived!

Improvement 4 months ago

If you want to create a sense of urgency for your customers, the best tool is to add a count-down timer to your emails.

If you build a drag&drop email, just use the Timer widget. With it you will be able to use Sendtrick, a free count-down timer and add it to your emails.

Read more about it here.

New Automation blueprint: Double Opt-in

Improvement 4 months ago

Make your subscribers confirm their email address after they opted in.

  1. Connect your automation to the list you want to send double opt-in to
  2. Edit the button in the email and put the URL of your confirmation page in the “Link to website” field.
  3. Go to your All Contacts and filter for the contacts who don’t have the “verified-email” tag and bulk delete them.

For more detail about the process read this article.

Note: It’s not mandatory to set up a double opt-in.

Link tagging for Simple Emails is here!

Improvement 5 months ago

As the Automizy community requested, we just updated our simple email editor and from now on you can add tags not only to links in drag and drop emails but in simple emails too!

What can you use link tagging for?

Link tagging is a feature that allows you to automatically add a tag to a contact who clicks a specific link in a campaign or in an automation email.

You can use it to:

  • Segment these people based on their interest (based on tags) and send manual campaigns to them with targeted promotion
  • Trigger an automation with tag trigger and send offers or content automatically if they click your link: so your emails will be relevant and personalized based on your subscriber behiavior

Where can I find this feature?

No matter it is a campaign or automation email, if you create an email in drag and drop editor or simple email editor, just click on the ACTIONS tab in the side bar on the right. You'll see the list of links you have in your email and you can add tags to each of them.

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