Setup DKIM using your own domain

New Feature 1 month ago

Adding DKIM and SPF authentication to your emails secure your emails and also increases your deliverability rate. And from now on you can add authentication from your own domain!

What's included:

  • Add DKIM authentication to your emails using your own domain
  • Add Automizy's SPF record to your own domain
  • Merge your existing SPF records with Automizy's SPF record automatically
  • Authenticate multiple domains

How to set it up:

  1. Go to settings/Domain Manager
  3. Insert your domain you use for sending via Automizy and click OK
  4. Click "Authenticate"
  5. Copy and paste the DKIM's name and values to your DNS
  6. Copy and paste the SPF's name and values to your DNS
  7. When you're finished, click "CHECK DNS RECORD"

When you see that the "Not authenticated" status switches to "Authenticated", your emails will get your own domain's DKIM signature! Read the guide here.